Welcome to Pure Ultrasonic

As an independent distributor for Emmi Ultrasonic it's my job to tell you all about our revolutionary dental and skin devices and answer any queries you may have. My goal is to help you achieve optimum results from your new ultrasonic brush and to provide a friendly, simple and direct ordering service with a tailored plan of action guaranteed to benefit both you and your pet.

Emmi Skin

From very dry to oily skin using focused ultrasound along with our innovative hyaluron, collagen and silicon creams will help you achieve the beautiful, healthy skin you crave.

Emmi Dent

Forget using a manual, electric or sonic toothbrush- join the revolution with Emmi Ultrasonic and experience the freshest dental clean you've ever had!

Emmi Dent For Pets

Clean your pet's teeth throughly and effortlessly using pure ultrasound, penetrating deep into the gums, preventing gum inflamations, periodontitis, tartar, bad breath and dental loss.