Join the revolution with Emmi-dent and experience superior oral hygiene and care


Forget using a manual, electric or sonic toothbrush- join the revolution with Emmi Ultrasonic and experience the freshest dental clean you've ever had! With our innovative technology you can effortlessly clean your teeth without the need to mechanically brush. Simply hold the brush on each tooth for 5 seconds and let the ultrasonic waves pass through our specially formulated toothpaste to effectively remove impurities and staining. Your gums will also benefit from the ultrasound as it promotes blood circulation and is incredibly gentle making mouth ulcers and painful brushing a thing of the past. We have developed two exclusive models in a range of colours suitable for everyone to use with ease from the comfort of home- Emmi-dent Metallic and Emmi-dent Care Platinum.

Emmi-Dent Metallic

The ultrasound is generated by our Worldwide patented piezo-chip which generates up to 96 million oscillations directly into our formulated ultrasonic toothpaste to create millions of micro-bubbles which clean your teeth and gums throughly and without the need to mechanically brush.

The result is beautifully smooth teeth free from bacteria and plaque with a longer lasting freshness. All our Metallic models boast a long life Ni-MH battery which enables you to brush twice a day for 3 minutes up to 12 days.

Emmi-Dent Platinum

Though it boasts some impressive additional features as well as a completely silent and vibration free version which has been accredited with the Eurocert certificate of quality for accessibility but also boasts some impressive additional features such as:

- Novel lithium battery allows brushing twice daily for 3 minutes for up to 15 days
- Optional siginal indicates when to move to the next tooth
- Silent and vibration free, suitable for people with cognitive or mental disabilities
- LED colour display for easy display of charge levels

Emmi-Dent Metallic Kids

As parents we naturally want to give our children the best of everything including superior dental cleaning and hygiene. This is easily achieved with our Emmi-dent metallic kids set which includes our basic metallic set plus two tubes of our specially formulated ultrasonic kids toothpaste and two child size brush heads.

We've even included a free emmifant toy we're sure your kids will love!

Ultrasonic Toothpastes

Our specially formulated emmi-dent Ultrasonic Toothpaste, used together with emmi-dent's 100% Original Ultrasound, generates micro bubbles that create perfect dental cleaning and oral hygiene.

These micro-bubbles can penetrate even the smallest dental abrasions and gaps. The ultrasonic air oscillations cause these micro-bubbles to implode, removing impurities, traces of food, germs and bacteria.

How it works

Our innovative patented microchip which is inside the toothbrush head generates ultrasound which is transmitted via each bristle with a rotation up to 96 million air oscillations per minute and conducted through our specially formulated toothpaste to create millions of micro-bubbles which implode, removing impurities including tartar, bacteria, food particles and staining.

The Benefits

Daily dental care can provide a reduction of bacteria inside the oral cavity. This can help to prevent diseases such as periodontitis, gingivitis and apthous ulcers. A long lasting fresh breath is also guaranteed through less bacteria. Additionally the easy handling is also recommended for children or people with a disability.

It is also no problem for braces because of the ultrasonic waves reach even in very narrow spaces. Carriers of crowns, bridges and implants can also achieve a clean result after usage of the Emmi dent. After only a few usages a discoloration of the teeth is possible. Small particles such as coffee, wine or nicotine are removed and you win back your white smile.

Emmi-Dent FAQ's

  • Who are Emmi Ultrasonic and what is our mission?

    Emmi Ultrasonic have been leading the way in health and beauty across the globe with their patented,innovative technologies and ultrasonic products since 2008. Our unique ultrasonic devices have changed the face of cleansing, prophylaxis and therapy in both oral and dermatological care. Our mission is to enhance the quality of living for everyone using our revolutionary ultrasonic products safely and easily from the comfort of home.
  • Are there any other advantages to using Emmi dent?

    Yes, firstly Emmi dent has the advantage of acting prophylactically as it is effective against bleeding gums, bad breath and prevents periodontitis, mouth ulcers and other dental diseases. Acute gum inflammation can be prevented and even cured. Secondly, the ultrasound breaks down bacteria, promotes blood circulation in the gingiva and can clean everywhere including deep inside fissures and gum pockets and even places where dental floss can’t reach.
  • Is ultrasound safe?

    Yes, 100%! Medical research has shown that ultrasound up to 50 watts is completely harmless to the human body and the Emmi dent uses only 0.2 watts so is absolutely safe for everyone including anyone with a pacemaker. It is safe to use ultrasound over any period of time without any risk to your health. Scientific studies since 1953 have proven that ultrasound kills bacteria, which hughly benefits everyone including anyone with braces, crowns, implants, inlays, veneers and dentures.
  • Can I use my regular toothpaste with Emmi dent?

    No, only our specially formulated toothpaste has been specifically designed to create millions of micro-bubbles to effectively clean your teeth.
  • How does our ultrasonic toothbrush differ to manual, electric and sonic toothbrushes?

    With manual, sonic and electric brushes you need to mechanically rub the brush bristles against the enamel with toothpastes which contain abrasive materials. This mechanical cleaning process is referred to as macro-cleaning. Sonic and electric brushes operate using a mechanical vibration of 20,000 - 30,000 vibrations per minute where as our emmi dent ultrasonic brushes use pure ultrasound without motion, friction or pressure and with a maximum of 96 million oscillations per minute which is referred to as micro-cleaning and has a considerably superior and gentle cleaning effect.
  • How does ultrasound remove tartar and staining?

    A microchip in the toothbrush head generates ultrasound which is transmitted via each bristle and conducted through our specially formulated micro toothpaste to create millions of micro-bubbles which implode, removing impurities including tartar, bacteria, food particles and staining.
  • How do I clean my teeth properly with the Emmi dent?

    Our brush heads will typically cover up to three teeth at a time, simply hold the brush on your teeth for approximately 5 seconds to clean your teeth effectively. If your teeth are heavily stained you can clean for longer.