Feel rejuvenated and get the beautiful skin you crave with Emmi-skin


We made the decision to develop three separate skin creams to cater for all skin types and for each desired effect. From very dry to oily skin using focused ultrasound along with our innovative hyaluron, collagen and silicium creams will help you achieve the beautiful, healthy skin you crave. Our Hyaluron cream firms and provides the skin with essential moisture while the collagen cream purifies and normalises the collagen balance enabling purified pores to close from bottom to top leading to sustainable, beautiful skin. By using ultrasound we can transport the cream into the deepest layer of the skin, from where the upper skin layers are supplied. Our silicon cream helps to reduce strong wrinkling by strengthening the connective tissue and supplying a good padding which results in a reduction/ prevention of strong wrinkles. Use with ease in the comfort of your home as often as you wish, though even just 10 minutes twice a week will have your skin looking and feeling noticeably younger and healthier.

All of our innovative beauty creams have been developed and produced without animal testing.

Emmi-Skin - Intense

The emmi-skin INTENSE delivers 100% ultrasound not only as an anti-aging wonder but as a highly effective heat therapy which you can safely and easily implement from the comfort of home. By applying creams, scrubs and massages we can improve the appearance of our skin but only superficially as the nourishing ingredients don't penetrate the deeper layers of the skin which is needed. Only by using emmi-skin INTENSE can you effectly reduce wrinkles and increase skin vitality while boosting your body's own hyaluron production giving you the necessary moisture for young, beautiful and healthy skin.

Silicium Cream Gel

The emmi skin S is a silicium intensive cream gel containing the trace element silicon which effectively nourishes our connective tissues whilst stimulating skin regeneration, resulting in a strengthened skin structure and visibly firm appearance. Combined with the active substance Squalane your skin is protected against the oxidation of body fat which keeps skin hydrated and also leaves your skin feeling silky smooth.

Hyaluron Cream Gel

The Emmi-skin Hyaluron cream gel penetrates directly into the skin giving you a perfectly gleaming appearance and rich and luxurious feeling. This cream has been specially formulated to stimulate the production of hyaluronic acids which effectively protect the skin against dryness and cause wrinkles to smoothen from the inside out. Hyaluron acids in the skin decrease with age and so it is important to maintain and support their production in order to keep your skin intensively hydrated and youthful.

Collagen Cream Gel

Emmi-skin C delivers an immediate sense of comfort and quick absorption as it leaves skin feeling intensely moisturised and smooth. Natural collagen boasts anti-aging properties which build and nourish skin cells from the inside giving you noticeably gleaming skin. The combination of vitamin E and C acts as a powerful antioxidant which protects the skin against free radicals and wrinkles. The additional ingredient of pure almond oil leaves your skin feeling completely rejuvenated and with a satiny feeling.


We have developed a soothing deep heat therapy spray containing gold-ionized spring water which effectively stimulates skin vitality and circulation by 41% to loosen and releave joint and mascuscular pain.

You simply apply the foam to the desired area and rub in after 30 seconds, although for optimum results we recommend you further treat the area with the Emmi-skin ultrasound.

How to apply

To get started apply a thin layer of your chosen cream on the clean area of skin you want to treat. You can apply a second ultrasonic cream if you wish. Next, moisten the brush with water which starts the sterilisation process.

Gently hold the brush to your skin without motion or pressure for 10-20 seconds then move the brush to the next partial area and repeat. Once you have completed the treatment of that area wipe with a soft, damp cloth and apply your cream to the next area you wish to treat. It really is that simple!

The Benefits

It has been scientifically proven that ultrasound has anti-bacterial properties which not only takes care of blackheads and acne but also effectively works against colds, skin allergies, cuts and skin infections.

If you’re plagued with callused skin fear not you need only apply a thin layer of our collagen cream to the affected area then treat with ultrasound to get your skin silky smooth again. Ultrasound treatment will actually result in a significant improvement in the condition and can even be applied to acupressure points to relieve muscle tension in your neck and shoulders.